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Interview: Q&A With Super Hero Enterprises CEO Davian Watkins

By Rani O'Shea

In a world full of trials and tribulations we can all use a hero or two to call on in our time of need.  It especially eases the mind having a superhero we can relate to and from Superhero Enterprises comes “Notes” a hip-hop industry champ who takes down villains by turning music into energy, “Good Vibrations” as his powers are referred to in “The Origins Of Notes”.  With his headphones in tow Notes is ready to bring down any villain that gets in his way.
Creator Davian Watkins gives us a further look into the creation of hip-hop’s newest hero and his company Superhero Enterprises in A Girl and Her Hip Hop’s Q & A.

Why decide to do a comic?

The inspiration came from a logo I'd created back around 2004. This logo was originally intended to be an emblem of instant recognition for the music I'd been recording and producing. 

Long story short, I had been working with a video game developer at that time...who recommended an illustrator ultimately selected to draft the concept art of "a superhero" character who was depicted as running into action to save the struggling recording artist (I have attached the original logo for your use). With a microphone in one hand and a recording mixer in the other, "Notes" was born. 

The idea for the comic came many years later, while I was attending business school at Pepperdine University. I'd shown the image around to a few alumni and immediately got some advice to tell a back-story for the character as literary device. By 2007 I'd already built our first website and started drafting the business model / plans for Superhero Enterprises. We wanted to sale T-shirts and other consumer products branded with the "Notes" logo and artwork. It was around that time I began working on a history for each of the characters publishing stories for our digital comic books.

What’s your role in the comic?

I am the comic book's "Story Creator". More specifically, I've made-up all of the characters, stories, and facts chronologically creating entire back-stories for a cast of modern-day superhero and supervillain characters, which are revealed in the main story, "The Origins Of Notes".  

I recently read in your interview with the that you love music.  What genres are you into?

All genres. I grew up in the entertainment business. My first internship & full-time job out of high school had been with two of the largest record companies in the world A&M Records and Priority Records. At A&M (during the mid 90’s) I was listening to Sting, Soundgarden, Dred Scott, CeCe Peniston and stuff like that; but by the time I got to Priority I was immersed in Rap & Hip Hop with Jay-Z, Master P, Ice Cube, and Mack 10 topping off the roster for the company.

Obviously hip-hop is one of your favorites, is the character Notes inspired by any particular rapper or hip-hop executive?

Actually “Notes“, is loosely based on my own experiences in the record industry. With music being such a major part of my life at that time, the character is really inspired by both personal and business encounters that occurred over a course of time. 

There are a lot of urban comics out there, how does “Notes” story stand out from the crowd?

First and foremost “Notes” is universal, and not just an urban story. We've all heard the quote “Music is the universal language of mankind” well “Notes” embodies that statement...and is truly refreshing; bringing something new to the comic book industry. Our vision is new, and a modern-day take on the superhero genre not old recycled ideas. 

Who are the other characters in the “Notes” comic?

“Notes” is supported by a host of characters in the story; his mentor "E MC² "; his love interest "Melody"; and a complex love-hate (romantic) relationship with his 
adversary "Sound", a malicious graffiti artist. Just to name a few.

Who are the villains?

Villains include, "Duplicate" archnemesis to Notes, "Streetman" and the Street Rebels (aka “The Street Team” a group of goons employed by “Streetman” as personal “enforcers”), and a rather unique character we presently only know as "Noise". 

Explain “Notes” powers and what triggers them?

Those details will be disclosed in the future, so what I can reveal now related to “Notes” and his powers is limited to what your readers will read in the first initial spoilers of “The Origins Of Notes” online here at Superhero Enterprises website:

Every superhero has a message, what’s the message behind “Notes”?

The “Notes” message is simple, "Do The Right Thing"! Comic book superheroes are supposed to provide role models that are potentially used in developing self images. Notes symbolizes these qualities of high moral character, courage, generosity, and honor of a noble spirit. 

Where can an interested reader catch up on “Notes”?

Our website is the link to everything related “Notes“. On the homepage of the site....readers will be able to link to additional music, artwork, and all social of the networking (facebook, twitter, soundcloud, etc.) pages available across the World Wide Web. 

Are there any more comics in the works for Superhero Enterprises?

Yes. "Dark Love" is a superheroine (female superhero) we've been heavily invested in developing. The response from her initial introduction at the social network has been tremendous…so I'm committed to designing a strong dynamic team around this property and will announce it at a suitable time. 

For now, interested readers can get a look at the original concept art for "Dark Love" by visiting our online gallery: 

Interview:  Q&A With Super Hero Enterprises CEO Davian Watkins
  • Title : Interview: Q&A With Super Hero Enterprises CEO Davian Watkins
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