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Review: Funkghost "Caviar Taste"

Grand Extravagant Entertainment presents Funkghost's new album release titled "Caviar Taste." "Caviar Taste" provides its listener with everything, Funkghost delivers some down south and west coast flavor and even adds some auto tunes. Dash in some soul and you have more than enough for the ladies.

"Caviar Taste" is an attempt at living that brassy life style. Complete with 13-tracks it offers some listening tricks with hidden bonus tracks and combo tracks which make the album more like 17 hefty tracks and more then enough music to thoroughly satisfy listeners. The quality is good and the lyrics were not half bad. So, it we were playing spades "Caviar Taste" is a possible.

Keep reading for a breakdown of each track.

1. Swishers/Overdose ft Fred Nice (Producer Downtown Music) - Laced with down south flavor, "Swishers," is like its name, light it up and inhale all the way to the end when the beat rides out to a smooth R&B track and becomes "Overdose."

2. Nevergo 2 Sleep ft Ray Fonder (Producer Epik The Dawn) - The Cali flow is present in the chorus of this track and in the beat and in Funkghost brassy flow.

"Caviar tongue with some champagne kisses."

3. Talk That ft Cee Jae (Producer Paul Cabbin) - This track sounded out of place from the intro with the vocals and the chorus, but once the beat dropped its presence on the album becomes okay and Funkghost speaks of giving his lady what she wants even if she is a little spicy.

4. What You Need (I Got It) (Producer Scott Supreme) - Going with auto tune for the chorus on this track. Ghost again goes in the direction of the ladies. Even though the auto tune brought a different feel to "Caviar Taste" the sound could have been left off of this one.

5. Xrta Fly (Producer Tweek Beats) - A futuristic jawn, "Xrta Fly," is so swagged out from the chorus that was dubbed from Kanye West to the meaning of just being fly. This track makes you want to put on your fly outfit.

6. YSL Logo (Producer O.P. Supa) - Remaining with the fashion theme, Funkghost, enlightens us on how fly his swagg is with "YSL Logo."

7. Dear Lord (Producer Scott Supreme) - Praying for forgiveness, "Caviar Taste" goes neo-soul and Funkghost let's his heart speak.

8. Inside and Out (Producer 2 Fresh) - Auto tunes laces the hook again as more heart felt words ride the beat.

9. End of the World ft Javon Black (Producer O.P. Supa) - R&B and hip-hop connect to speak to the ladies over a heavy bass drenched beat.

10. Rockin Never Stoppin (Producer Downtown Music) - "Caviar Taste" heads toward the bedroom for track ten.

11. Light up the Moon (Producer Scott Styles & Sean Murdz) - Setting the tone for a massacre, the chords on this track rain down on your speakers and of course the beat is graced with more brassy lyrics.

12. Stronger than Before (Producer Epik The Dawn) - You can't get more soulful then a Motown sample of any kind especially Marvin Gaye's "Ain't That Peculiar." As a result Funk delivers a track that is very tolerable.

13. Paradise Garage/Tasting It (Producer Downtown Music) - Accompanied with a hip-hop head appreciative beat one does except the lyrics to kill with lines like "getting richer that's why I had to do them ni**s," Ghost does okay. And like in the beginning, track 13 is a combo track and this one, "Tasting It" is sensual, but speaks of our ancestors and being behind bars. This was a bit confusing with the melodic sound of the hook.

Track 13 keeps playing beyond 8:00 minutes and reveals a bonus track. Not sure what the name of this one is, but on it Funkghost spoke of success.

Download "Caviar Taste" here.
Review: Funkghost "Caviar Taste"
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