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Q&A: "I have a different story to tell," Kayla Brianna on her music and 'Meet The Smiths'

Kayla Brianna is more than just a reality TV star and the daughter of former NBA player Kenny Smith, but she is a songstress who has a story to tell.

Recently Kayla participated in a Q&A session with and discussed her music, influences, Rich Gang, career goals, and Meet The Smiths.

AGHHH:  When did you first realize you wanted to sing? 

 Kayla: I first realized I wanted to sing when I was watching Destiny’s Child on the Grammys. I started out in girl groups and it didn’t work out, but I definitely learned a lot as far as how to perform on stage and being in the studio.

AGHHH: Where do you see your career in five years? 

Kayla: I see myself with two or three successful albums out, on a successful TV show or making movies, having my own clothing or beauty line out and traveling the world!

Kayla performing during LA Fashion Week
AGHHH:  How did you hook up with Rich Gang? 

Kayla: I was in Atlanta working on music and Birdman heard my music at the studio and said that I had a dope sound and lyrics, but he felt that my tracks were outdated. I sent him my acapellas and he had his team come up with new beats to my songs and that’s how I got my single "Honest."

AGHHH: Do you feel like being the daughter of Kenny Smith gives you an advantage in the music industry? 

Kayla: I feel like it’s a advantage and disadvantage. It’s really annoying that people always refer to me as "Kenny Smith’s daughter" sometimes I feel like that they forget I have a name. LOL. But regardless I’m proud of who my dad is and I plan to continue to make a name for myself in the music industry.

AGHHH: You've done songs with Meek Mills, who else would you like to collaborate with on a track? 

 Kayla: I’d love to collaborate with Drake, The Weeknd, or Kehlani. They all have dope melodies and wordplay and I feel like my tone would sound good on a track with them.

AGHHH: What makes you different from other songstress that are in the game now? 

Kayla: I’m just myself, I have a different story to tell than they do, but at the end of the day my lyrics are relatable to male and female as you can hear with my single "Honest." Its about how being Honest in a relationship can hurt you more than help you.

AGHHH: Who did you work with on your new track "Honest?" 

 Kayla: I worked with Eric Bellinger and producer, Isaac Flame. Isaac is new to the game, but has worked with so many people at such a young.

AGHHH: When can we expect to hear a full album? 

Kayla: By the end of the year I’ll have a E.P. or album out.

Kayla and her family, The Smith's

AGHHH: Your family's new show is set to debut this month (April), what can we expect to see on it? 

 Kayla: It premieres April 3rd on TBS at 9 pm. If you want to laugh, this is the show for you.. If you want to watch someone get a drink thrown on them, then watch another show. Lol. We are a fun competitive family and I’m the oldest of five.
We are like the black Brady Bunch.

AGHHH: Anything else you would like to add?

Kayla: Don’t forget to follow me on social media.. Twitter:@kaylabriannaX , Instagram: @kaylakakes

Watch Kayla Brianna's new video for "Honest" below.

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Q&A: "I have a different story to tell," Kayla Brianna on her music and 'Meet The Smiths'
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