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Q&A: South London's trio Speaks on death rap and being brutality honest

"Death rap, Brutality Honest," that's what the trio of the UK's band Speaks calls their brand of music that offers music fans a breath of freshness when it comes to a new sound. got the scope on the band in our exclusive Q&A. Find out how the band gets inspired to bring your ears an experience like none other with the new project Pencils From A Cup.

1. What brought your unlikely trio together? 

Tom: I was directing a music video for an earlier incarnation of the band. We hit it off straight away and started writing music just the three of us.

2. How do you guys get inspired when creating tracks?

Lele: I'm learning new things everyday. 'Life' is all the inspiration I need.

Kelly: Yeah... everything!

3. To Tom: When did you start producing? 

Tom: Only about a year ago, that said, we don't apologize for the rawness of the record. There will be time for a perfectly eq'd snare drum. That's not now.

4. Your music style transcends genres, how would you describe Speaks' approach to music? 

Tom: We try to find a way to make the music as pointed as possible. All the songs on the album have a target.

Lele: Brutally honest...

Kelly: Death rap

5. For both Lele and Kelly: What makes your mic style different from each other? 

Lele: We have different personalities, but we approach life the same way so does Thom in a lot of ways... I think this really comes across on the album. Vocal wise every song is different and you never know whats going to kick off. We like to keep you guessing. We often get inspired by each other while writing and putting together a song.

Kelly: We are massive fans of lots of different music, Lele listens to more hip-hop and I listen to more metal so that makes our vocals styles different.

6. What's the concept behind "Pencils From A Cup?" 

Tom: It's about the people we choose to listen to. There's only a hairs breadth between a priest in a pulpit and the man on the street, shouting and hollering and selling pencils from a cup. The acceptable face of an idea or the underbelly... If you listen to our album you can decide yourself which category we fall into. We like to play in that gray area.

Lele: No fucks.

Kelly: Doom.

7. For both Lele and Kelly: You two have a clothing company (Sick Kids Clothing), what type of apparel can we expect to see on your website? 

Lele: Nothing much as we are not focused on anything but the band right now. New SPEAKS merch will be coming soon tho! :)

Kelly: Not looking to continue the sick kids any longer.. it was fun while it lasted though!

8. Do any of the tracks on "Pencil From A Cup" have any personal meaning like on "How To Be Guilty," the chorus speaks of a father teaching the meaning of guilty, would this have personal value? 

Lele: They all have personal meaning every song we make is deadly personal. "How To Be Guilty" I think kelly summed it up when she said cognitive dissonance.

Kelly: This song is about Veganism.

Tom:  The song "Deaded" has a lot of value for me. That song doesn't mince its words, it is a clear message to cat callers that most people are sick of women being objectified walking down the street, not just women, my hook in that song is "You give us all a bad name." You don't have to be a victim to be offended. Cut it out lads.

9. On "Hurricane Jane," Jane is asked what's her poison, so what's Speaks' poison? 

Lele: I don't drink much but when I do its something sweet like Amaretto and coke, Gin and juice or Corona with lime.

Kelly: Yeah, I'll usually have the same haha! not much of a drinker either, Jane needs to chill.

Q&A:  South London's trio Speaks on death rap and being brutality honest
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