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Review: Sevntnth "Red Wine"

We haven't heard from New Jersey rapper Sevntnth since the synthesized track "The Other Level," which we featured on our AGirlsHipHop playlist Change is Upon Us back in 2014. This year he's back to drop the 14-track project "Red Wine" in our laps.

"Red Wine" is Sevntnth's narrative about a kid whose life undergoes changes after receiving a bad luck charm in the form of a red wine bottle. The story begins with the track "The Cork," which starts the project and the journey. Try to follow along as AGirlsHipHop deciphers the story of "Red Wine" one track at a time.

After taking sips of alcohol Sevntnth has some sh*t to say on "5% Tints" with some help from Dan Mansion. The next track "DUI" is when the project picks up with jazzy soulful riding music where the New Jersey Devil speaks of trying to dodge getting a D.U.I.

"Alone" is where the bad luck charm is found and Seventnth thinks while being engulfed in quietness. With help from Terrance Williams and a smooth beat "Red Wine" becomes enjoyable to the ears.

As the story keeps going finding the red wine bottle brings an encounter with a female and the track "Night Lights" begins. Starting off on an intriguing beat where Sevntnth wonders if the bottle is half empty or half full, the beat switches to a "Strawberry Letter 23" sample the relationship with the said female begins.

The sampling continues with Diana Ross' "Hangover" and just like the previous "Night Lights" the beat changes and "Old Soul" tells the tale of how things go down in the trap with a grimy flow from Sevntnth and JvstWu.

Sevntnth shares the red wine and pizza with the homies and rhymes over another soulful beat taking a brassier approach to the track "92 Zinfandel and Pizza."

Jay Z's "We don't believe you, you need more people" becomes part of the hook with rhymes like "Say you win some loose some, I done lost it all and I gain none, so how the f*ck you think I feel, B*tch I'm numb." Depressing to say the less, but alcohol is a depressant and it shows on this track.

More 70's soul on the track "Down" and vocals from Chopper Corleone." Sevntnth describes people being down for your cause or against it as the track ends with the verse, "thought that was ya right hand left you cause he ain't righteous. Scumbag, two-faced, fake a** life less. No where to be found when situation turn to crisis, my chameleon brother, just show me your true colors please."

Nothing inspires more than haters and Sevntnth proves it on the track "HATERade" providing earmilk for the listeners.

Lauryn Hill's "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill's" title track gets sampled on Sevntnth's attempt at "Song Cry," a take on Jay Z's classic track.

"Red Wine" ends with the tracks "Spill," "Jesus Juice," and gives a dramatic exist with "Dearly Departed" and the bottle is empty.

In all "Red Wine" was a soulful journey. Sevntnth put together a thoughtful concept with good beat selection, but it could have used catchier hooks.

Listen to more from Sevntnth here.

Review:  Sevntnth "Red Wine"
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