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"Make Good Music," is How Plizoe Plans to Bury the Rap Game

What does a former prodigy of Dipset do to the rap game today? Bury it, simple put.

Plizoe is that former prodigy and he learned a lot from Dipset, like the importance of making music good for fans.

"No matter how big you get remember to remain. Never forget where you come from. Make good music," is what the Brooklyn rapper told AGirlandHerHipHop when speaking of the Dipset general, Cameron.

Now the member of the business minded crew GBC, Plizoe, is following the path to where dreams come true and leaving a few emcees six-feet under along the way with his latest track "Paul Bearer."

Read on to see how the Q&A session went.

AGHHH: Introduce yourself to our readers?

Plizoe:  The name is Plizoe. I'm from Brooklyn and I've been making music since I was 14. I'm here trying to see what I can do in the rap game.

AGHHH: What sets you apart from other Brooklyn rappers?

Plizoe:  Rap is everybody tyring to follow a wave. My music is grimey and authentic New York music.

AGHHH:  Who are your influences from Brooklyn?

Plizoe:  Music period, but of course Jay-Z, Kanye West, Pusha T, Andre 3000 and Rick Ross, but really people who take the craft serious. The legends and pioneers of music.

AGHHH:  What does GBC stand for?

Plizoe:  It's the name of a clothing line. There is a boutique in Brooklyn. Me and the crew have been together since we were kids and just started doing business together.

AGHHH:  Since you are a prodigy of Dipset, what did being with them teach you about the rap industry?

Plizoe:  They know who they are. On my first mixtape I had some problems with the law and went my own way, but I'm still cool with Cameron. They taught me to take music serious. To make my dreams more important and put that before anything else.

Cameron is really down to earth and easy to work with. He also taught me that no matter how big you get remember to remain. Never forget where you come from. Make good music.

AGHHH:  What's the meaning behind your latest single "Paul Bearer?"

Plizoe: It's the warm up record really. The first single is actually "Shooter" and "Paul Bearer" is an advertisement.

A pallbearer is the dude that buries, so it's just memoirs of the dude that has come to bury everyone in the industry.

AGHHH:  Lets talk about your EP "Kingpin," how many tracks will it have?

Plizoe:  "Kingpin" will have eight-tracks. There will be videos for four of the records all solid tracks.

AGHHH:  Any features?

Plizoe:  Considering features. Maybe one or two features. A singer from Harlem, Young Deion, is featured on "Shooter." It will be released sometime this Spring. No official date, but will be dropping a few records until the release.

AGHHH:  When can we expect shows?

Plizoe:  Planning a 12-city tour for when the EP is released. I plan on heading down south. I have a few records that cater to the south.

AGHHH: Anything going on fashion wise, with GBC?

Plizoe:  Of course there is the GBC boutique, on Instagram fans can view our collection there. We are also working on a t-shirt to come out with "Kingpin."

AGHHH:  Anything else you would like to add?

Plizoe:  I plan on being here for a while.  You can keep up with me at Stay tuned, keep I'll keep you'll updated. I don't plan on going anywhere.

"Make Good Music," is How Plizoe Plans to Bury the Rap Game
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