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Zuse Fuses Trap and Dancehall for a Diverse Sound

Dancehall and hip-hop are two genres of music that have fit well together over the years. For instance, ATLien T.I. collaborated with Beenie Man on the single "I'm Serious" and even going back to Super Cat with the Notorious B.I.G. and Puff Daddy on the classic "Dolly My Baby," shows that the two genres mix like rum and coke although both are complex they fit will because they offer their appreciators bold flavors and smooth long lasting finishes.

The latest artist to mix the genres is Zuse, a Jamaican born chanter who combines trap music with dancehall for a new blend on the "Jamerican" sound.

"I wanted to create a diverse sound that I believe is missing from the game, and with doing so I wanted to be able to be inspired by ATL's trap sound and fuse it with the dancehall/reggae sound of my home, Jamaica," says Zuse when asked why he chose to head to the south's capital, Atlanta.

AGirlandHerHipHop explores more about Zuse and what he has been up to as well as what the future holds for him below.

AGHHH:  What made you decide to embark on a music career?
Zuse:  I honestly believe that music chose me, rather than vice versa. Due to the unfavorable circumstances I faced living in Jamaica and the need of wanting a way out of those circumstances is what created the motivation for the career path that I have right now in music. 
AGHHH: We know Atlanta is known for music, but why did you choose to head to the city?
Zuse:  I decided to move to Atlanta to further pursue my music career, as I truly believe the south is the Mecca of the music industry in this generation. I wanted to create a diverse sound that I believe is missing from the game, and with doing so I wanted to be able to be inspired by ATL's trap sound and fuse it with the dancehall/reggae sound of my home, Jamaica. 
AGHHH: With you being from Jamaica, you have an unique approach to hip-hop than others from Atlanta, what would you call your delivery?
Zuse:  I'd consider my delivery the "Jamerican" approach which is mixing traditional hip hop, with the help of the trap 808's and reggae from my roots. 
AGHHH: What would you say is the biggest culture difference between Atlanta and Jamaica?
Zuse:  The biggest culture difference I'd say between Jamaica and Atlanta is that a lot of lifestyle choices that are accepted and highlighted in America are not as freely accepted in my homeland. 
AGHHH:  You've collaborated with a few artist including Kevin Gates and Lil Durk, is there anyone in particular you would like to collaborate with that you haven't already?
Zuse:   I've been blessed to work with a lot of upcoming artists such as myself and also with artists who are main stream. With that being said I'm open to working with anybody who's open to working with me. I am very focused on creative classic hip hop, so as long as they are serious about music as I am, we are off to a great working relationship. 

AGHHH:  Your latest mixtape was "TrapZuse," which embodied your new track "I Can't Wait (Remix)" produced by Metro Boomin. Can we expect another mixtape anytime soon?
Zuse:   Yes, I'm working on the second installment of my debut mixtape "Bullet." It's 90 percent done so be on the look out for "Bullet 2: Banana Clip," coming this spring. 

AGHHH:  After releasing the track "I Can't Wait," will a video follow the release shortly?
Zuse:   I don't have a video planned for "I Cant Wait" with Lil Durk, but I have a few videos coming out soon so stay tuned for the upcoming releases. 
AGHHH:  Other than Metro Boomin, who are some other producers you have worked with or looking forward to working with in the future?

Zuse:   I've worked with many producers all across America, some who are very well known and some are considered the under dogs. I'm willing to work with anybody who's dope and has that refreshing ear to bring something new to the table. I have currently been in the studio with Lex Luger making some dope tracks, so be on the lookout for that too.

AGHHH:  With your explosive in your face style, a live show has to be phenomenal. When can we expect your next performance?
Zuse:   I recently just came off of a tour, so I'm actually zeroing in the lab right now trying to finish up my next project. However you can expect to see me on tour very soon giving my supporters and new fans a performance of a lifetime. I have tons of new music, new features, hot producers... so my live shows are always lit!

AGHHH:  Any one else you looking forward to touring with?
Zuse:  I have toured the states with my brother Tech Nyne and I just recently came off tour with my brother G-Herbo from Chiraq Drillinois, but am in talks to tour with a few dope artists this year, so excited to see what stage(s) this music takes me on.

AGHHH:  Do you have any other ventures along with your music career?

Zuse:   I'm actually sitting down with a few major labels right now to take my career to the next level but it's a slow process. Outside of that I'm working on new merchandise for my fans to purchase online at and also working on a few joint projects with some of your favorite artists. As I keep saying stay tuned, some great things are about to happen I'd say the least. 

AGHHH:  Anything else you want to add?
Zuse:   I am an avid social media user so follow me on soundcloud, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @iamzuse for exclusive content. And it goes down in the DM as well at my snapchat ZuseZooly LOL. One Luv! "Bullet 2: Banana Clip" is on the way. Wait for it!
 Zuse Fuses Trap and Dancehall for a Diverse Sound
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