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Interview: Droop Pop, The Coke Boys Kokaine Cowboy

 Dudes from LA Ave are all about the hustle and with Coke Boys as the platform, long time member Droop Pop, is ready to bring his Awkward approach to the mic.

"My flow is a different awkward style...definitely a lot of a character to my songs no boring music," enlightens Droop.

And his flow comes alive in his latest offering "Kokaine Cowboy," which not only shares a name with the legendary Miami Cocaine Cowboys from the 70s and 80s, but the way of life as well.

"Just the type of lifestyle I live in NY before music," says Droop when asked about the similarities that his album has with the Cocaine Cowboys.

That lifestyle would be the hustle and Droop Pop's hustle is on full scale with his music and record label Garbage Patch Kids. AGirlandHerHipHop gets deeper into Droop's hustle below.

AGHHH:  You're new to's audience, so what block do you rep?

Droop Pop:  Block I rep is called LA AVE where me an French is from.

AGHHH:  Describe your flow.

Droop Pop:  My flow is a different awkward style...definitely a lot of a character to my songs no boring music.

AGHHH:  How did you become apart of the Coke Boy team? 

Droop Pop:  I been a apart of the Coke Boys since it started, while more like a family.  We started with the Cocaine City DVDs we grew up as friends.

AGHHH:  What would you say is your position on the squad?

Droop Pop: I do whatever is needed. I also gave me a lane to make money from my own label.

 AGHHH:  Your most recent release is "Kokaine Cowboy," who are some of the features on the album?

Droop Pop:  Some the features are Cheeze Brock, Gunplay, Fred DA Godson, AR AB,   Terry Sky and Movie Man.

AGHHH:  What producers did you work with? 

Droop Pop:  I worked with same grease mostly Harry Fraud and Terry Sky.

AGHHH:  What are the similarities between Miami's legendary Cocaine Cowboys and your album "Kokaine Cowboy?" 

Droop Pop: Just the type of life style I live in NY before music.

AGHHH:  Your also the owner of Garbage Patch Kids music label, what can we expect from the label? 

Droop Pop:  Yes I am the owner of Garbage Patch Kids also known as Green Paper Kings. We are working on a label deal but definitely working on three deaf artist projects for iTunes in the mean time an a GPK tape.

AGHHH:  What's the next release from "Kokaine Cowboy?" 

Droop Pop:  Yea its called "Rich Blood" something me an my guy Floss P working on.

AGHHH:  When can we expect your next show?

Droop Pop:  Next show will be in Connecticut and Rhode Island 

AGHHH:  Anything else to add? 

Droop Pop:  Follow me on Instagram @Cokeboydroop_pop and I will also be participating in a film called "211" put together by Taj Smith starring Hassan Johnson also I have a single on the "211" sound track called "Loopy" featuring Taj.

Watch Droop's latest video for "Kokaine Ave" featuring Coke Boy Brock below and get "Kokaine Cowboy" here.

Interview:  Droop Pop, The Coke Boys Kokaine Cowboy
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