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Angie Stone (aka Angie B.), Blondy, and Cheryl the Pearl, members of

1970’s female Hip Hop Group “The Sequence” are outraged, hurt and

disappointed that since the inception of VH1’s Hip Hop Honors award

show in 2004, they have been snubbed once again.

“This is the sixth time our work and legacy has been overlooked at the

Hip Hop Honors” said R&B soul artist Angie Stone. “And this time we

will express the disappointment we continue to endure.”

VH1 decided to revive the awards show this year for the first time since

its last airing in 2010. The 2016 Hip Hop Honors will air on Monday,

July 11 th focusing on legendary female Hip Hop artist. Queen Latifah,

Lil Kim and the Hip-Hop duo Salt –N- Pepa are this year’s honorees and

Eve as host.

Although they made no fuss of previous shows, trusting and believing

that their time would come; this time the trio Angie B., Blondy

Chisolm, and Cheryl “The Pearl” Cook feels undermined and

disrespected and want their voice to be heard.

“They’re honoring “female” Hip Hop legends” said Stone. “We

definitely should have been included in the celebration this year for


The truth is, before any of the 2016 honorees rose to fame, “The

Sequence” had already paved the way and opened the doors for them

to walk through. In the late 1970’s and early 1980”, the trio were

signed and making hits.

As a matter of fact, Queen Latifah was born in 1970 and was just a little

nine years old girl when the teenage group “The Sequence” released

their most notable Hip-Hop anthem “Funk You Up”. The song was the

first rap record released by a female group and second single to be

released on the popular Sugar Hill Label. “Funk You Up” continues to

be one of the most sampled and remixed rap hook, revised by many

artist and producers.

“After our friends the “Sugar Hill Gang” was honored during the first

season of VH1’s Hip Hop Honors, we were excited knowing that

eventually our day would come”, said Angie Stone. “But after this

years’ slap in the face, we can no longer be silent and wait for VH1 to

respect our legacy!” “Not while new up and coming artist like Bruno

Mars continues to sample our music and reap the benefits from our


While discussing her displeasure with Mona Scott (creator of VH1’s

most successful franchise “Love & Hip Hop”), Angie Stone said, “How

can VH1 not know about us when in 2010 Queen Latifah, Bahamadia

and I collaborated on Erykah Badu’s “Love of My Life” project with a

remix of “The Sequence” song “Funk You Up”?” Scott stated that it is

just an oversight, then Stone responded, “Everyone is aware of our

work and we are just appalled and feel demeaned – hell, Old Dirty

Bastard, Trina and Dr. Dre sampled the song and the list goes on and


The consensus is if VH1 truly wanted to honor female legends this year,

then they should have done their research to reach back and recognize

“Unsung” trailblazers of the genre. Many of the legends are dead and

gone, but these ladies are still here, especially when the legendary and

amazingly talented Angie Stone continues to be a relevant viable force

in the music industry. She has made history with her chart-topping hits

and unmatched songwriting skills until this day. Stone has even

crossed-over to television, stage and film; which has also been honored

(Boyz N the Hood) at the VH1’s awards show.

The group feels like it is just pure reckless and undermining that VH1

neglected their contribution to Hip-Hop. “How can Hip-Hop be a huge

part of VH1’s brand and they not know its history?” “The Sequence” is

a pioneer of Hip-Hop and their music legacy is documented in Yale’s

Anthology of Rap, and was featured in Cash Box by Billboard; which is

a huge honor.” “These places are where the true timeline of rap is

chronicled.” said Angie Stone to Mona Scott during their telephone


VH1 has not extended an invitation to “The Sequence” to be

presenters, speakers, or to host the Hip Hop Honors. They continue to

by-pass their legacy for those who have since dominated the game.

“We acknowledge that many have surpassed us in the Hip-Hop

industry, the once male dominated genre, but an acknowledgement is

like gold to many of us who feel forgotten and replaced.” said Stone.

“We don’t want a ticket to the show like some scratch off – we want

our rightful place in history!”

Collectively, the trio is saying that is doesn’t matter if it wasn’t intended

or not done maliciously, because as a major network, VH1 should do

their homework and bring truth and dignity to their projects. At this

point, the group feels that a thank you, an acknowledgement, or

honorable mentions just isn’t enough: “Recognition and Honor would

be appreciated.” “Just don’t make us feel like you’re trying to kill our

legacy!” said Stone. “My legacy is just as important, if not more

important to be acknowledged because now I am a grandmother” – “I

want to leave a legacy for them too!” “We laid the leg-work and I’ve

worked my ass off for this business, and to see the newcomers rise to

fame – many off the backs of those of us who blazed the trails lighting

their way – I am deeply hurt.”

Angie Stone told Mona Scott (who managed Missy Elliott) that the

women of Hip-Hop don’t stick together and don’t look out for one

another. She expressed that although she is happy and proud of all the

honorees, Salt –N- Pepa are replicas of “The Sequence”. “Why should

we eat poop while rising and creating, just to see the newbies eat

caviar?” said Stone.

If the industry’s stealing, remixing, revising and re-interpreting “The

Sequence” song isn’t enough to bruise their egos; being totally negated

and unrecognized in the industry that they were proud to champion is

just plain blatant and foul!

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