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Review: Nasir Ali's "Esco SZN"

Greensboro, North Carolina stand up. One of G-boro's own, Nasir Ali, has released a new 15 track mixtape titled "Esco SZN."

Ummm...'Esco Season,' that's Nas, so to declare a mixtape 'Esco Season' and not be Nas or be blessed by Nas is bold and it better be good to say the less. With that said, let's get into it.

"Esco SZN" started out with strong production and inviting lyrics that make you keep listening. On the second track Nasir's lyrics began to become braggadocious with not a lot depth; however, the fourth track did Nasir showed the ability to switch up his flow displaying a more down south approach to the mic. Even though the switch of flow was interesting it took the listener away from Nasir's best approach to the mic, which has a more up north appeal.

As "Esco SZN" continues there lays a hint of brilliance in production, specifically on the tracks "Used To," "Pandora's Box," and "Luxury." All three bring out Nasir Ali's flow and that's what a listener wants to hear, a balance in production, lyrics and flow that make quality. After listening to "Esco SZN" and not hearing Nas himself is a bit disappointing, but Nasir Ali does have some potential paired with good production.

Review:  Nasir Ali's "Esco SZN"
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