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The 45 Best Hip Hop Music Venues in America

The following 45 hip hop venues also book acts, and/or their deejays spin records, from other genres.  So being exclusive to rap or hip hop was not a prerequisite to make our list.
To be one of the best music venues listed here, you needed serious music knowledge, respect, and passion for music... although possessing a bangin' sound system and hiring a good staff didn't hurt either.

And it doesn't matter if you book hip hop artists seven nights a week or just sometimes.  What's important is whenever they take the stage your venue does everything it can to ensure that the performer connects with the audience.
Hip hop music is unique.  On one hand, it can be dance music played by a deejay in a night club.  On the other hand, it can contain poignant and profound lyrics that are best experienced live and in a relatively intimate setting.

Both sides are represented in this list.  Some of the following places are strictly live music venues, some are strictly nightclubs, and some are a little of both.
As you'll soon read, the 45 American venues listed below know, respect, and have a real passion for hip hop music.  If you're a fan of hip hop, then you owe it to yourself to check out as many of these as you can.

Find out what venues made the list here.
The 45 Best Hip Hop Music Venues in America
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