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Trap in Style with Clothing Brand IFA's TRAPSta Summer Collection

Imma t-r-a-p-s-t-a-r in my Jeezy voice and nothing says trap star better then your style. It's the first thing people see and makes a statement about what you represent. This summer designer, Jadarius Jenkins who happens to be Jeezy's son, helps you make the trap star statement with his latest collection TRAPSta for the his clothing brand IFA (International Fly Airlines).

This summer IFA's TRAPSta collection gets young trappers trap star fresh from head to toe in t-shirts and track suits to trap or die in. Find out what's behind the TRAPSta Collection and where to find it in the interview below.

AGHHH:  What's IFA's aesthetic?

Jenkins: The versatility being able to be an international brand with out any limits when it comes to styles.
AGHHH: What does IFA stand for?

Jenkins: IFA Stands For International Fly Airlines
AGHHH: How did IFA come about?

Jenkins: IFA came about after I first started and was trying to figure my direction, me just knowing there was no limit  in my mind that was my direction.
AGHHH: Do you use a team to come up with the collections or is it just you?

Jenkins: Just Me When It Comes To Seeing Things I'm very visual it's like magic ...I want it a certain way afterwords we my vision on each design.
AGHHH: Describe 'Trap Swag?'

Jenkins: Someone with a dope, fly style that's always fresh, switching up in different styles and always looking the Part.
AGHHH: What individual wear's IFA?

Jenkins: People who like a brand that they know is going to be here to you consist styles while still getting better with each.
AGHHH: Who are your influences in the fashion industry?

Jenkins: I would say a couple high fashion designers and my close friend of mine Steve Williams. I like seeing different styles, so I don't just look at one level of fashion. 
AGHHH: Tell us about the summer collection, Trapsta?

Jenkins: My TRAPsta collection I designed was huge it really spoke volumes for the brand.  Coming off my previous collection I wanted to show my customers more life from IFA.
AGHHH: What does IFA have for the ladies?

Jenkins: Yea, you just gotta wait and see what's to come.

AGHHH: Where can IFA be purchased?

Jenkins: Mainly online and a few stores across the globe.
AGHHH: Any events coming up?

Jenkins: Yea,  I can speak to soon.
AGHHH: Anything else you want to add? 

Jenkins: Ifa IG - @IFALifestye stay connected.

Check out some pics from IFA TRAPsta Collection below.

Trap in Style with Clothing Brand IFA's TRAPSta Summer Collection
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