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R&B Crooner Imaj Talks New EP "Pain & Fame" with AGirlandHerHipHop

Dallas native and R&B new comer, Imaj, hits the scene with a lot to offer fans. Not only a singer, but a rapper, song writer and producer who puts all he has in every track.

"My records come from how I feel while I write, so I believe in putting all emotions into my songs," says Imaj about his creating process.

Imaji expresses his feelings to fans with a three track EP titled "For the Moment" and an upcoming project titled "Pain & Fame." 

AGirlandHerHipHop chopped it up with Imaj regarding "Pain & Fame," his inspirations in the industry and his thoughts on hip-hop taking the place of R&B on the charts below.

AGHHH:  Who are your influences in R&B?

Imaj:  My musical influences in R&B are Michael Jackson, Prince, Tank, Static MajorAaliyah and Ginuwine all were/still are great song writers and I look to them for inspiration. 

AGHHH:  What would you say sets you apart from other R&B singers in the game right now?

Imaj:  What sets me apart from other R&B singers today is that I'm not JUST an R&B singer. I'm a Song Writer, Producer, and I have an alter ego; I rap. Most R & B artists can ONLY be in the R & B lane. 

AGHHH:  Some would say rap is killing R&B right now, so what would you say to that?

Imaj:  Content wise I would say yes the rap game is releasing more records due to rap/hip hop records moving so quickly, but with R&B, time-less records are able to be made. With that, a lot of R&B artists can still sustain a career through touring and selling merch. 

AGHHH:  You have a new EP "Pain & Fame" set for release, any word on the release date?

Imaj:  My Main EP "Pain & Fame" will be releasing sometime in October HOWEVER, I do have a three track EP I is out now here.

AGHHH:  What producers did you work with on "Pain & Fame"?

Imaj:  The Producers on this project are Platinum Producer Slikk Musik IG- @slikkmuzik and Myself.  

AGHHH:   How many tracks does "Pain & Fame" have?

Imaj:  The EP will contains five Records. 

AGHHH:  Did you do any writing on the EP or do you have a team of writers?

Imaj:  On this project I did all of the writing. My records come from how I feel while I write so I believe in putting all emotions into my songs.

AGHHH:  What's the next single?

Imaj:  The next single is decided, but unfortunately cannot be announced at the moment. Just be prepared, this one will be big! 

AGHHH:  I know you dropped a video for "Something Real," a slow jam, earlier this year, can you name your top five slow jams of all-time?

Imaj:  My top five R&B songs would be "Remember The Time" By Michael  Jackson, "So Anxious" by Ginuwine, "Nice and Slow" By Usher. "I Deserve" by Tank, and "Bump and Grind" by R Kelly

AGHHH:  Being an R&B singer you sing to the ladies, so what type of lady are you attracted to?

Imaj:  The type of lady that attracts me is a God fearing women that's not afraid to be herself she has to be confident, Smart, funny, and has to be able to hold me down. I spend a lot of time in the studio creating so a lady that can really put up with that!

AGHHH:  Do you have any shows coming up?

Imaj:  Without giving too much detail, my team and I are in talks with a widely-known R&B singer to possibly go on tour as a supporting artist. If it goes through, I'll be sure to give you a ticket when we are in your city!

AGHHH:  Anything more to add?

Imaj:  I just want to add that through God anything is possible, if you're an upcoming artist reading this, stay true to your roots and always always make relationships no matter where you go and find a mentor to help you along the way! I appreciate you reaching out and giving me the time!

Listen to the "For the Moment" EP below as watch the videos for "Dead Presidents" and "Something Real" below.

R&B Crooner Imaj Talks New EP "Pain & Fame" with AGirlandHerHipHop
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